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A name trusted across the globe for buying Digital Product Counter, Remote Control Lock, Pir Sensor Module, Hotel Key Card Switch, Shutter Door Sensor, Transmitter Terminal, etc

We, BK Group India, are passionate about bringing forth hi-tech products to markets. We are a technology-driven company, functioning as a manufacturer and exporter to meet the global demands for Finger Print Card PIN Access Control System, Remote Control Lock, Shutter Door Sensor, Pir Sensor Module, Hotel Key Card Switch, and Ethernet Relay. We also deal with Digital Product Counter, Transmitter Terminal, Hotel Access Key Card, and many other products. We get strong support from our research and development team, which keeps us up-to-date on the trends and technological developments related to our product line. With their support and the innovative ideas of engineers, we regularly launch new and improved products on the market. Our locks and access control systems are extensively famous, they are trusted for providing a high level of safety and security to people and their valuable assets. We offer with a huge product-line. All of our products are offered in different sizes, models, technical features, and specific functions. With such a vast portfolio, we smoothly meet the market demands without any delay or disappointment.


We believe that systematic working is important as it reduces the complexity of processes and improves efficiency in the workplace. In order to have systematic execution of our tasks, we have developed a massively sprawling and well-organized infrastructure setup. It is architecturally beautiful and has specific units for all the work, including production, packaging, quality checking, accounting, and many others. All the specific departments are perfectly equipped with the latest tools, machines, equipment, and facilities that boost our working speed and ability to meet market demands for the offered products.


A sincere team that is time-focused, honest, and proficient in their work fields, offers us rich support. Our professionals enjoy their work, and put in their best efforts to meet the market demands for Pir Sensor Module, Hotel Key Card Switch, Ethernet Relay, Digital Product Counter, Remote Control Lock, Shutter Door Sensor, Transmitter Terminal, etc. They share their learning and experiences with each other and help us attain enviable success in our endeavors. Our team includes professionals from various backgrounds, cultures, and geographies. With such a diversity in staff, we carry out trade tasks, creating an excellent atmosphere in our work culture.

Why Us?

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  • Excellent financial position
  • Outstanding growth and success rate
  • Transparency in deals
  • Quality control approaches
  • Timely delivery of orders